Aug 31, 2017

Hey all!

We’re heading to the Frankfurt Book Fair!

As you probably know, this is the most important international trade fair for content! Each year, the fair is visited by around 300,000 participants from more than 120 countries...

Publishers, booksellers, agents, film producers, and authors flock to the city of Goethe to meet up and share cutting-edge ideas and discuss notorious up-to-date issues, such as:

  • How does one stand out and make a profit as the publishing market is transforming?
  • Can book publishing compete with other storytelling media?
  • What are the best ways of bringing stories to life?

These issues are challenging for so many. However, we argue to have a prospective solution to all these questions.  

In Frankfurt, the CINE-BOOKS team will present the brand-new digital entertainment format — cine-books! These are the e-books that combine the advantages of both books and movies and bring an entirely new reading experience!

You can:

  • READ a cine-book like an e-book, but with unique, high-quality cinematic illustrations;
  • LISTEN to it with professional voice-acting and soundtracks;
  • WATCH it like a movie with animations and special 3D effects in high resolution, including Ultra HD.

Our mission is to make book-reading more popular and globally affecting society by taking it to another level!

We can’t wait for you to explore it, share your opinion, and collaborate with us. It’s especially timely now, as we are selecting successful fiction titles for the CINE-BOOKS Contemporary Authors Collection!

We’re looking forward to meeting publishers, rights representatives, and independent authors from all over the world! If you find yourself in one of these roles and you're also attending the International Frankfurt Book Fair, please contact our CINE-BOOKS Publishing Director:

Nataliya Vynogradska

Explore CINE-BOOKS and its great possibilities!

Skype: nvinogradska



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