Oct 26, 2016
CINE-BOOKS — read, listen and even watch books! (cover)

It is believed that the age of books is over. This is partly true. The Internet readily provides almost any information you can imagine. You don’t need a dictionary to translate a single word, and there’s no more need to keep a collection of encyclopedias at home. But imaginative literature still stands apart. Entertaining websites, social networks, TV and cinema gave a good thrashing to literature, but the fight is not over yet. Premium book editions with coated paper, beautiful covers, color illustrations, and decorative fonts don’t have any real competition in the digital world.

The major advantage of printed books today is their capacity for information and display of authors’ unique styles. An average book holds much, much more content that a movie or a news report. At the same time an author’s description of some location could be much more interesting than just a view of a mountain or forest in a movie. 

Books got their second chance with the appearance of e-readers, tablets and smartphones. It’s an ideal way to read. But digitalization inevitably robs reading of some of its charm. The feel of turning pages, the sound of rustling paper, the peculiar smell of a book — these are integral parts of the reading ritual. In digital formats, all this richness is lost, pushing  many dedicated literature fans to rebel against the coming of the e-book.

Thus the question of marrying the entertainment value of movies and the special charm of book reading remained open until recently. Today, the CINE-BOOKS Company offers a new "cine-book" format for the first time.

Every book is adapted entirely and literally. There are no more cuts and directing errors. Absolutely every piece of a story in  cine-books is enriched with animated illustrations. The illustrations seamlessly merge with the text creating an organic flow, rather than selectively illustrating the fragments of the plot. The closest existing analogy is film strips from our childhood.

The company holds a full cast of actors and hires a director to illustrate the cine-book. Every frame that appears before the eyes of a cine-reader is directed with exactly the same requirements as a Hollywood movie. Costumes, makeup, the actor's character are all selected in full compliance with the description that the author offers. Both location shooting and green screen technology are used to create a spectacular and realistic cine-book. The footage then gets processed by the 3D artists and animators who bring the image to its final quality. 

You can READ cine-books like regular written stories illustrated with cinematic quality photos on each page. LISTEN to them as audio-books with professional voice-acting, background audio and musical inserts. Or even WATCH them just like movies with dynamic animations and special effects that breathe new life into every story!


Many innovators are eager to create something radically new, but in this case their efforts are not appreciated. The reading audience holds to traditions. Cine-books are an organic blend between the classic book reading experience and the cutting-edge technologies, perfected with the highest standards of quality during all stages of production. Once a heavy leather-bound volume with color illustrations was a source of great pride for its owner. Today, cine-books are ready to take over the torch. Cine-books bring the forgotten atmosphere of comfort and total immersion wherever you are — on the road or at home, alone or with family. The modern technologies make reading more fun without sacrificing quality or depth.

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