Sep 28, 2017
Got challenges in your publishing business? CINE-BOOKS might have a solution…  (cover)

Nataliya Vynogradska,
CINE-BOOKS Publishing Director

My friend Karen has been in the publishing business for years. She’s a TOP manager in a major company. Although this position might be still quite rewarding, she keeps arguing that her job has been extremely challenging, especially within the past 3 years. When asking her to name particular issues for publishing companies, she named a few:

  1. Publishing has gone digital and is unlikely to come back. Most sectors have seen an overall decline in print sales. Although we can see some variations over time, the overall downward trend does not seem likely to be reversed. Media content has been gradually stealing the piece of pie that belonged to the usual printed publishing.  
  2. So many authors fall in the hole of independent publishing. After “Fifty Shades of Grey” exploding, more and more very talented writers are eager to print books by themselves. Independent authors build up communities, hold conferences while local bookstore movements boost small booksellers.
  3. Publishing a book is easy. Marketing it, however, is hard. Especially if marketing budgets are extremely tight. To stand out, you need to have either a name, an outstanding product, or to provide a massive marketing campaign. Publishing companies can’t really promote all the books they issue, which might lead to a decrease in sales.

As I was listening to her, I thought this is high time to introduce her to our EU-based start-up CINE-BOOKS that offers a unique book-filming format. Apparently, the CINE-BOOKS team considered all these challenges mentioned above when starting the company.

A cine-book is a digital book that you can read, listen to, or even watch. Unlike regular movie adaptations, cine-books keep the full original text of the work while also adding a comprehensive and exciting visual component. The company has its own production studio and has filmed 12 classical works, including Poe and Shakespeare, with 4 books currently available.

This format appeals to so many—primarily to visually-perceiving people. Most people want pictures and images, as 65 percent of us are visual learners (according to the Social Science Research Network). So, if a reader is too tired or bored to read plain text, getting nourishment with some visual content combined with a thrilling narrative might make for a perfect pastime!

The visual component of cine-books may also lure the younger generation into reading. A teenager who hangs out on Instagram for the whole day may actually enjoy a book with pictures, slides, special effects, etc. Also, as cine-books have voiceovers and subtitles, this may work well for English language learners. Finally, people with reading disorders - dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, and many other conditions - may find cine-books easier to comprehend, therefore becoming involved in reading.

At large, the CINE-BOOKS company has a noble goal - to significantly bolster book readership and promote reading as a contemporary, exciting form of entertainment for all ages.

The company strives to create both classical and contemporary fiction collections. So now we are looking forward to meeting publishers from all over the world!

How can CINE-BOOKS serve a publisher? It may help to do the following:

  • Increase overall profit from the existing rights list by re-publishing the best titles;

  • Expand the reading audience, because a title reaches new consumer markets while distribution channels are broadened;

  • Acquire the opportunity to stand out among the pack of other publishers, thus reaching crucial marketing goals.  

A cine-book is a good storytelling genre that makes reading an incredibly immersive experience, so you should definitely explore it!

Got challenges in your publishing business? CINE-BOOKS might have a solution…

Nataliya Vynogradska joined CINE-BOOKS in June 2017. She has worked in top-management for 13 years, having a broad experience in publishing (12 years) and in tech industry (4 years)

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