Aug 14, 2017

A nameless narrator lives under one roof with an old man. Being quite friendly on the outside, the protagonist appears to be a madman! He becomes homicidal towards his elderly neighbor because of the old man’s “vulture-eye.” Will the psycho be able to confront his possession? And what happens next? 

The famous Edgar Allan Poe novel has been filmed so many times. However, none of the free adaptations compares to the original narration of Poe. As always, CINE-BOOKS didn’t remove a single word from the text, creating a powerful visual image and manifesting the psychological metamorphosis of the protagonist.

While carefully sticking to Poe’s world-known narrative, our director offered her powerful interpretation of the main character’s life.

KATE, CINE-BOOKS FILM DIRECTOR: We’ve supplemented the story with the showy prologue and epilogue! One can dive in the childhood of the main character to get to know why he became mad. In the long run, we see the poor future of the psycho.

Arguably, Poe is an incredibly modern writer. He has influenced genres as diverse as French poetry, Russian prose, and the Hollywood industry. We are happy to treat our readers with the best piece of horror classics! 

As always, we used the latest technologies to enrich your experience. Prepare to enjoy powerful visual effects, a thrilling voiceover, and the creativeness of our director’s choices.

Enjoy the marvelous narration combined with cinematographic-quality photos illustrations, as well as video, special effects, professional voiceovers, and music.

Be sure to get your own copy of “The Tell-Tale Heart”!

Buy it right now through the web with a discount, or get it through in-app purchase using our app in the App Store, Amazon, or Google Play and watch it on your tablet! 


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