Sep 10, 2017
Digital books that can be read, listened to, and even watched make a market debut (cover)

The next generation publishing and book-filming startup CINE-BOOKS Entertainment Ltd. has introduced a brand new digital entertainment format — e-books that can be read, listened to, and even watched.

Cine-books are fully illustrated digital books with cinematic high quality illustrations on each page. They can be listened to as audiobooks with professional voice-acting and soundtracks, and watched with animations and special effects in high resolution, including Ultra HD 4K. Read, listen, and watch modes are switched between synchronously. Thus, users who stopped reading the particular paragraph can easily resume experiencing it in audio or viewing mode.

Unlike traditional movie adaptations, cine-books keep the full original text of the artwork while also adding a comprehensive and exciting visual side. Readers can easily plunge into the atmosphere of the book, not diverting their attention to extra content as often happens with enhanced books.

Oleg Fonarov, CINE-BOOKS CEO, says that the company aims to expand the audience of book lovers by engaging modern, visually-perceiving people as well.

“We all get overwhelmed by too much information and attune our minds to mosaic thinking. This is surely why plain text e-books take a back seat and people want to have a more immersive experience. The cine-book format gives an opportunity to consume literature in the easiest and modern way, expanding the book-reading audience,” Oleg Fonarov stresses.

12 cine-books based on the world’s classical bestselling authors have been produced by the company. Eight of them are now at the final stage of post-production. Four titles are currently in soft-launch on the AppStore, GooglePlay and Amazon. They are also available in public beta for indie-authors and fiction books publishers, as the company strives to create both classical and contemporary fiction collections.

For now, сine-books can be experienced on tablets. Moreover, users can share cine-books from a tablet to a big screen via AirPlay and Chromecast.

About the company

CINE-BOOKS Entertainment Ltd. is the next generation publishing and book-filming startup that developed a proprietary, unique cine-book format combining the advantages of both books and movies.

We are a people-driven company, and our mission is to change the way people interact with books, authors, and publishers.

In order to bring a more immersive book-reading experience, CINE-BOOKS is gearing up for the launch of its online distribution platform that will unite publishers, authors, production studios, investors, and readers. The platform will engage book lovers in the creation of cine-books and allow authors and publishers to get the chance to convert their books into the cine-book format. The cine-book community only has to decide what titles are going to be produced. 

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