Nov 16, 2021
CINE-BOOKS partners with Mosaic Press to publish 30 book titles in digital cine-book format (cover)

CINE-BOOKS welcomes a new partner that is all about variety, diversity, and passion. With Broadway Musicals, crime mystery fiction, Chinese Military Theory, and much more, Mosaic Press truly is the fascinating mosaic of genres, subject fields, and authors.

Mosaic Press focuses its activities on four major areas: Literature, including fiction, short fiction, and poetry; The Arts, including theatre, fine art, and music; Social Studies and International Studies.

With over 600 books published (some 20 original titles each year), Mosaic Press has established a strong global presence with works translated into over a dozen languages and sold to over 38 countries.

CINE-BOOKS is looking forward to expanding this established partnership into new areas of Mosaic Press’ publishing program, paving the way for other book publishers to broaden publishing market horizons. The book market evolves quickly in the digital field. Both the ebook and the audiobook markets are expected to grow significantly in the coming years, while the key drivers of this growth are projected to be the deeper penetration of smartphones as the main devices through which users read books, as well as the development of e-reader applications with the introduction of innovative solutions that bring the user experience closer to reading a real book or even superior than that.

Oleg Fonarov, Founder and CEO of CINE-BOOKS, outlined the expectations from the new partnership,

“We believe that readers are those who will benefit the most from this deal. CINE-BOOKS’ mission is to change the way people interact with books. We strive to provide readers with a modern, convenient, flexible, and exciting instrument to use for reading. This will help books take a strong foothold in the new, mostly digital world. That is the idea behind the cine-book format and the CINE-BOOKS Platform in particular. The more books we publish in the cine-book format, the greater readership we establish. The greater the number of readers that demand cine-book editions, the bigger the number of publishers that will turn to our solution.”

About CINE-BOOKS: CINE-BOOKS is a platform for literary rights holders, providing full-cycle infrastructure to convert traditional ebooks to the innovative cine-book format and further distribute them through the CINE-BOOKS store and other major worldwide book retailers.

Cine-books are an innovative combination of ebook, audiobook, and videobook, giving readers greatly advanced flexibility in perceiving the content of a book. Readers can read the book, listen to it, or even watch it! Other convenient features such as the picture-centered design, “Read-Aloud” option, background listening with notifications to view an image, seamless switching between the modes, etc. increase the unprecedented reading experience to an even greater extent.

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