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CINE-BOOK spin-off story

Create a cine-book based on a new parallel story to the main book

What is a spin-off?

It is usually meant to indicate a substantial change in the narrative viewpoint and activity from that (previous) storyline based on the activities of the books' principal protagonist(s) and therefore is a shift to that action and overall narrative thread of some other protagonist(s), which now becomes the central or main thread (storyline) of the new sub-series.

The new protagonist generally appears first as a minor or supporting character in the main storyline within a given milieu, and it is very common for the previous protagonist to have a supporting or cameo role, at the least as a historical mention, in the new sub-story.

Cine-book spin-off types:


Short story to a bestselling book that book fans adore


Short story to an upcoming book from a successful series

Benefits of a cine-book spin-off story

  • Production cost - inexpensive in comparison to cine-book production based on a novel
  • Speed - fast production and can be simultaneously released with the main book’s release
  • IP double monetization - most readers will purchase the main book and the spin-off story
  • New audience for the author - visual content promotes the main book title among visually-oriented people
  • Added value - new product for the author’s book fans
  • PR - a spin-off story will visibly show the characters and the dynamism of the plot, create intrigue around the main title, and thus garner attention from the media, book reviewers, and readers)

A cine-book spin-off story is a great way to experiment with a unique digital format and find new audiences!

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